SAMPLER Pack of 8 Organic Teas

Organic loose leaf tea bags of various blends
Loose leaf organic tea sampler set
Organic loose leaf tea bags of various blends
Loose leaf organic tea sampler set
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SAMPLER Pack of 8 Organic Teas


Loose Leaf

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Want to try before you buy full size bags? No problem! We'll send you eight different sample sizes of our organic teas. Each sample contains one tablespoon (= three teaspoons), which is enough for 1-2 cups of tea.

Your sampler set will include 8 different teas from our selection:

Classic organic teas

  • Betty Bambalam Black: organic Hathikuli Assam tea
  • Hello Dolly Darjeeling: organic Darjeeling black tea
  • Jane Says Jasmine: organic jasmine green tea
  • Golly Miss Molly Genmaicha: organic bancha green tea, organic toasted hulled rice kernels
  • Janie's Got a Gunpowder Green: organic gunpowder green tea
  • Ooh La La Oolong: organic oolong tea
  • Lay, Lady, Lay Earl Grey: organic black tea, natural oil of bergamot
  • Koo Koo Kachoo Kukicha: organic green tea (toasted stems)
  • Proud Mary Pu-erh: organic pu-erh tea
  • Hazy Shade of Winter White: organic white peony tea
  • Melt With Yunnan: organic Yunnan black tea
  • Feeling Good Guayusa: organic guayusa
  • Crazy for You Keemum: organic Keemun Congo black tea
  • When Doves Cry Chai: Black tea*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cloves*, nutmeg*, allspice*, cardamom*, orange peel*, anise seed*, natural flavor (*organic)

Herbal organic teas

  • Mama Pajama Mint Chip: green Rooibos tea*, cocoa peel*, orange peel*, coconut chips*, licorice root*, raspberry leaves*, peppermint*, blue cornflower blossoms*, marigold blossoms* (*organic)
  • Fire Woman Fruit Punch: rosehips*, dried cherries*, cinnamon*, dried coconut*, natural flavor, calendula flowers* (*organic)
  • Lucy in the Sky Chai: Rooibos*, chamomile*, carob*, cinnamon*, cloves*, cardamom*, orange peel*, natural flavor (*organic)
  • Just Like Heaven Hibiscus: rosehips*, orange peel*, hibiscus*, chamomile*, cranberries*, rooibos*, natural flavor (*organic)
  • Celebration Cinnamon: cinnamon*, FT green rooibos*, wild harvested grains of paradise, allspice*, cardamom*, FT black pepper* (*organic, FT= fair trade)
  • Back In Black Licorice: anise seeds*, fennel seeds*, licorice root*, spearmint* (*organic)
  • Cherry Oh Baby Berry Chocolate: cocoa peel*, apple*, rose hips*, hibiscus*, orange peel*, natural flavoring, strawberry pieces*, marigold blossoms* (*organic)
  • Sugar Pie Honeybush: honeybush*, sunflower petals*, ground vanilla beans*, orange peel* (*organic)
  • Love Me Tender Lavender: chamomile*, lavender*, sumac berry*, lemon balm*, passionflower*, skullcap*, catnip* (*organic)
  • Groovin' Green Apple: apple*, pineapple*, raspberry leaf*, lemongrass* (*organic)
  • Hokey Pokey Pineapple: pineapple*, rooibos*, lemongrass*, sunflower petals*, cilantro*, natural pineapple flavor (*organic)
  • Call Me Coconut: coconut*, orange peel*, chamomile*, vanilla bean powder* (*organic)
  • Love Shack Lemon: Lemon peel*, lemon verbena*, chamomile*, lemon myrtle* (*organic)

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Why should I buy organic tea?

In addition to the all of the general benefits of organic farming, it's especially important to drink organic tea, instead of conventionally-farmed tea, because tea is not washed prior to preparation.

This means that teas grown conventionally will retain all of the pesticide residue deposited on the plants during the conventional farming process. These pesticide residues are then ingested by you when the tea leaves are steeped. And we all know where the ingestion of pesticides leads.

That’s why organic tea is a healthier choice, not only for the environment but for you, too!